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Muztag Malaga Patio Heater

Muztag Malaga Patio Heater

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Muztag Malaga is a simple stylish and affordable LPG patio heater. Malaga is a customer favourite and is perfect for both private or business.

Muztag Malaga Outdoor Patio Heater

Malaga is an elegant and stylish patio heater from the manufacturer Muztag. The LPG fireplace is designed with a black stylish steel base and 4 glass sides on the top, which offers a perfect 360 view of the beautiful flames. 

Muztag Malaga comes fitted with wheels, combined with the easy control and operation, this fireplace is perfect for both private consumers and restaurants and bars, where you wish to create a warm and cosy outside area.

When the LPG canister is connected to the fireplace, it can easily be hidden away inside the fireplace body.

*LPG cylinder is not included.

Muztag is a customer favourite and by far our most sold outdoor patio heater.


  • Concealed Gas Cylinder
  • 60cm hose with 37mBar regulator
  • Lava Rocks decoration
  • Variable gas valve
  • Wheels
  • ODS Pilot Safety (Oxygen detection safety feature)
  • CE Approved

Fuel consumption

At maximum flow rate, the Muztag Malaga can use a maximum of 521g LPG per hour, which creates approximately 7.3kW heat.

It is possible to adjust the flow of gas using the gas valve to adjust the usage and heat output.

Bad weather

Muztag Malaga is not suitable for use in the really windy conditions since the wind can blow out the fire and pilot.

Rain and snow can damage the fireplace in the long term. Never leave the fireplace exposed when not in use. Use a protective cover or move the fireplace somewhere dry.

NOTE: Muztag Malaga is only intended for use outdoor.


Delivery Time: 2-7 Business Days 

Please contact us if you need any support or have any questions 

Contact: 0117 427 0473


Opening Times: Monday- Friday 8am - 6pm

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