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Heatbar is an infrared patio heater with a length of 60 cm and heat output up to 1000W. Heatbar can be wall or ceiling mounted.

For indoor and outdoor use

The patio heater is IPX4 rated. This means they can be used both indoors and outdoors. The IPX4 rating also means that the product can withstand sprays of water from all angels. 

However, an IPX4 device is not waterproof and the patio heater should therefore not be installed in a place where it will be directly exposed to rain, snow and bad weather. 

 Silent and odourless

When the electric heaters are switched on, they are completely silent and they smit no odour at all. They are therefore perfect for use wherever you want undisturbed warmth and cosiness. 

Infrared heat radiation

Heation's electric patio heaters use infrared radiation to create heat. Infrared radiation is electromagnetic waves that heat the elements and objects they hit. Elements and subjects include walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and, most importantly, people and animals. 

When infrared rays hits an object or person, it causes atoms and molecules to vibrate, and this is what creates the heat from an infrared patio heater. 

Infrared rays are not dangerous and should not be confused with destructive rays such as UV, X-rays or radioactive rays. 


The Heatbar patio heater can be mounted in the ceiling or on the wall. The included mounting bracket ensures quick and easy installation, and you can angle the unit to fit just the area you want. 

The patio heater should be mounted at a distance of 2.1-3 metres from the area to be heated.

NOTE: The surface of the patio heater can get up to 350 degrees celsius and should therefore be mounted out of reach of animals and children!

Heating area 

Objects within 3 meters from the front of the patio heater will be heated by the infrared rays. 

Depending on the mounting height, this means that Heatbar 1000 will be able to heat an area of up to 13 square meters. 


The Heation patio heater has a 2 metres power cable and simply needs to be plugged into a standard 230V power socket. 

Please note that the heater comes with an EU power plug, but a EU-to-UK adapter is included. 

Out of the total power consumption of the Heatbar 1000, up to 86% is converted directly into heat. 

What is included 

  • Heation Heatbar 
  • 2 metres power cable 
  • Installation bracket 
  • User manual 
  • Eu-to-UK adapter


 Delivery times : 2-3 business days 1000 & 1800

Please contact us if you need any support or have any questions 

Contact: 0117 427 0473


Opening Times: Monday- Friday 8am - 6pm

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