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Richmond - Bioethanol Fire Stove with Flat Back

Richmond - Bioethanol Fire Stove with Flat Back

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Bioethanol fireplace that looks like a traditional wood stove. The fireplace has a flat back and can be place up close against a wall ensuring a sleek look without compromise. This wonderful fireplace is universal to almost any aesthetic preference and helps bring a room together.

Wood stove bioethanol fireplace with a flat back design

This unrivaled bioethanol fireplace is similar in design to a beautiful stove with a back designed to be user-friendly. This fireplace is exceptionally easy to place up against various areas of a room. The traditional wood stove design helps make this biofire extraordinarily beloved to customers and has all the benefits of a conventional stove, simply without any disadvantages. Since it is fueled with bioethanol, contrary to firewood, there is no significant effect on the environment and can burn freely without fear of soot building up on the glass panel.


  • Look of a traditional wood stove
  • Weighs 23.5 kg
  • Burn time on 6 hours per filling
  • Enclosed with a glass door

Included in delivery

  • Bioethanol burner
  • Richmond fireplace frame


The fireplace is quite easy to use; almost no guide or whatsoever is necessary to master the simplicity of a bioethanol fireplace. For this stove, it is mainly about learning the basic information of the burner located inside the fireplace, as well as minor details regarding the frame.

The fireplace is turned on by pouring the respective amount of bioethanol into the burner; the more you pour into it, the longer the flame persists. Afterwards, simply use a lighter to turn it on. The burner can afterwards be adjusted by partially closing the lid located on the top of the burner, decreasing the size of the flame. It is recommended to use a rod or adjustment tool found on our shop to operate it while it is currently burning as to avoid getting close to the fire. Closing the lid cuts of oxygen to the fire, extinguishing it shortly after.

As for the fireplace frame, there are holes meant for airflow located on the top and bottom of it, ensuring a constant flow of oxygen so that it can burn while the glass door is closed. Avoid putting anything on top of the fireplace as this would close off the airflow and potentially become hot after being used for longer periods.


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