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Planika Lotus - Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplace

Planika Lotus - Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplace

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Freestanding bioethanol fireplace that can be used indoors and outdoors. The size of the fireplace means that it can be used both standing on the floor or table indoors and outdoors.

Planika Lotus Outdoor Bioethanol Fireplace

Lotus is a freestanding bioethanol fireplace from Planika in a beautiful unique design that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The small size of the fireplace means that the fireplace can be used both on the table and on the floor.

The large glass cylinder protects against draughts and small gusts of wind, making the freestanding bio fireplace perfect for use outside on the terrace, as well as inside in the living room.

Because the Mandala does not need to be connected to electricity or a flue, it can easily be moved around as needed, so you can enjoy the flames wherever you want.
The fireplace weighs approx. 4.5 kg.

Planika Commerce Technology

Lotus uses Planika's Commerce technology, which is based on highly absorbent ceramic fibre cotton inside the burner. The fiber cotton absorbs the fuel when it is filled into the fireplace and keeps it inside the burner, even if the fireplace is accidentally knocked over.

To fill the fireplace with bioethanol, pour it directly into the burner opening and light the fireplace with a lighter. If the fireplace runs out of fuel, it must cool down for at least 20 minutes before the burner can be refilled.

Included in the package


  • Planika Lotus fireplace frame and burner
  • Fire extinguishing tools
  • Glass cylinder
  • Installation and user manual

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